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Would you fly me away?
To your childish hum
Inside jacaranda blossoms
Nuancing our timeless youth

Would you take me again?
To the restless compassion
Of violet ink on the white page
Full of choiceless awareness love

The place I made for you
Where writing is love
Where love is “amar”
And “amar” becomes immortal.

Amar es Inmortal.

Response for the prompt : Violet Poetry A New Poetry Writing Challenge by Roselyn Violet



Da minha rainha das caveiras

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As bolsas embaixo seus olhos lindos
Guardam a foto de que você era meu xodó
Panquecas de banana da manhã
Dançando à noite ao som do seu sotaque

Fiz um fado com o teu último “te amo”
E um cafuné com teu cachoeira
De cabelos lisos e loiros
O que eu faço com a saudade?

Talvez se eu te procurar nas poças
Nas poças cheias de estrelas e ecos
Ecos De Bate-papo e brincadeiras
Tão doce e inocente como teus lábios

Saudade se escreve com B do Bea.



An acrostic haiku

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Guadalajara is my hometown, and it is a city with the smell of wet earth. The rains are constant throughout the year, and that is why the streets and patios are full of puddles painted yellow because of all the falling leaves of Jacaranda trees.

I usually use rain and puddles as a leitmotiv in all my writings. I love to write haiku because it is the kind of poem that remarks the contemplation of nature, the self-revelation, and the season of the year.

I met the acrostic poems some months ago. I found them interesting because we construct a revelation in each line of the poem.

So what happens if we mix them, the resulting poem is music:

Reining The Rain

Dozed summer echoes

Reining the rain sounds just like

Missed sighs with owner

Poetry is music.



Peter Wright Storytelling

Peter Wright Storytelling

Latin writer who loves to write about love in terms of mandrakes, helicopters, and rugs. Peter Wright Storytelling is my project in English and Spanish.